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Spoonbill Books

A rebranding for the independent bookshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—Spoonbill Books.
Branding, Grid system, Application/Mockup, Typography, Design system

De Cecco

A re-package inspired by the shape and form of the product for the well-known De Cecco.
Packaging, Illustration, Branding, Grid system, Typography


Identity design for Fictious, a film production/talent management company. 
Motion, Branding, Grid system, Application/Mockup, Typography, Design system

Sweet Botanicals

Thinking of the box form, and bringing the idea of botanicals to packaging, the concept was inspired by greenhouses.
Packaging, Photography,  Handcraft, Branding, Grid system, Typography, Design system

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

The exhibition identity plays with typography, by both the classical and contemporary.
Exhibition Identity, Editorial, Branding, Grid system, Typography


Series of bottle packaging, gaining inspiration from Greek designs and playing around with ornaments.
Series Packaging, Branding, Grid system, Photography, Pattern Design, Monogram, Design system


A rebranding project for a growing film organization. Providing an inclusive community aiming to help the members and the industry.
Branding, Motion, Identity, Grid system, Typography, Design system


Luxury chocolate truffles packaging, experimenting with three typography patterns.
Packaging, Pattern, Branding, Grid system, Typography

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