The two personas below represent the users who use Notes as an advanced note-taking app and users who use Notes as a quick note-taking app. 

UX Journey

The frustration happens during the phase of editing. There aren’t enough options for character formatting and restraints on coloring. Rearranging texts and tables can be troublesome, and the same with the table tool—too complicated to use and the smallish buttons aren’t friendly on mobile.

Confusing IA
The current Notes app has a simple IA, but this actually makes the information architecture confusing. While the keyboard is activated, it is not focusing on the “editing” phase but has too many shortcuts repetitive to the nav menu.

Editing Restraints
It is good to have character styles ready for use, but the lack of customization opportunities became one of the restraints. Moreover, tables that cannot make enough format edits lose their tool value.

Unproductive Flow
Users cannot reuse or move notes easily by duplicating one. and the action of selecting, cutting, moving, and pasting contents is not effective. Especially on mobile, it is extra hard with figures.

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